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1  Science / General (any science topic) / Re: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: BEING HOT INHERITED? on: December 09, 2007, 06:02:54 AM
The link in esphere's post does not seem to work as it has user specific information in the URL
here is the DOI link:

It is possible that attractiveness is hereditable across the animal kingdom, Hosken said. "It could even be the case in humans that the sexiest dads also have the most desirable sons, which would probably be bad news for my boy," he quipped. Still, attractiveness may not always prove hereditary in insects and other animals.

I was wondering if the above holds good for the entire animal kingdom. For the time being, let us suppose that this hypothesis hold good in the case of humans...

even so I think "attractiveness" might be different for different ethnic groups... cultural classes etc...
I was wondering who would be more attractive to a person of Japanese origin if he were to choose between the prettiest blond and the prettiest Japanese lady.

I suppose beauty is to some extend is in the eye of the beholder

check this article that appeared in the the Journal Nature long back titled: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? 

So I suppose... the mate choice would be a complex interplay of beauty of the person who is giving out signal and a  matching filter at the receivers end that would let the receiver perceive this signal and respond positively (appreciate).

What do you say esphere... Smiley

Nice post dude. If I could, I would have given you two karma points instead of one Smiley (should wait for few  hours more to add one more point Wink)
2  Society / News / Re: Nanotube Made into World's Smallest Radio on: November 25, 2007, 05:16:46 AM
Check the following threads: 
RFID not all that bad... could be a boon for patients and doctors...

Implantable Chip - history from the Nazi period to possible use in currency note
3  Society / News / Re: Nanotube Made into World's Smallest Radio on: November 25, 2007, 05:13:06 AM
As per the wikipaedia...
Radio-frequency identification (RFID, sometimes called "arphids") is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.

An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification using radiowaves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a (RF) signal and can also be used for other specialized functions. The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. A technology called chipless RFID allows for discrete identification of tags without an integrated circuit, thereby allowing tags to be printed directly onto assets at lower cost than traditional tags.

Today, a significant thrust in RFID use is in enterprise supply chain management, improving the efficiency of inventory tracking and management. However, a threat is looming that the current growth and adoption in enterprise supply chain market will not be sustainable. A fair cost-sharing mechanism, rational motives and justified returns from RFID technology investments are the key ingredients to achieve long-term and sustainable RFID technology adoption.

4  Society / Military / Re: Russian President Putin on NATO flexing muscles... on: November 22, 2007, 03:22:14 PM
Here is another video along these lines...

5  Society / Military / Russian President Putin on NATO flexing muscles... on: November 22, 2007, 03:07:37 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO of "muscle-flexing" near Russia's frontiers and promised that Moscow would suspend its obligations under a key European arms treaty.

Putin's angry statement came amid tensions between Russia and the West, and it reflected the increasingly assertive posture taken by the Kremlin ahead of Dec. 2 parliamentary elections. It is said that the people of russia have always been craving for th the ressuians to regain its super power status after the fall of USSR.

"In violation of previous agreements, military resources of NATO members are being built up next to our borders," Putin told a meeting of military officials. "Of course, we cannot allow ourselves to remain indifferent to this obvious muscle-flexing."

Relations between the United States and Russia were already strained over U.S. plans to build missile defense bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin said the U.S. plan would erode Russia's nuclear deterrent and dismissed Washington's claim that the missile shield was necessary to counter a missile threat from Iran.

Russian officials have also warned that Russia could pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a landmark document signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan in 1987 that banned the entire class of medium-range missiles.

However, the Kremlin hasn't taken any action on the pact, apparently fearing a strong U.S. response.
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